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About four and a half years ago, I decided it was time to adopt a cat. My previous cat, Oscar, an ornery, feisty, opinionated, beloved orange tabby, had died after a long and happy life. My apartment felt so quiet and empty after he was gone. One day I went to the ASPCA to look for a new friend. I found him in a lanky black and white overgrown kitten with a big black spot on his left shoulder, a half-white, half-black face and a purr as loud as a bumblebee. This is the story of how we met. I wrote, illustrated and printed this little book for a silkscreen class.

p.s. Little Roo is the name of Kanga’s baby in Winnie the Pooh.

Little Roo (his formal portrait)

Little Roo (his not-so-formal portrait)

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