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It seems that when we travel, some of the strongest memories we return with are connected to the meals we enjoyed. Although many photograph their plates, I’ve always drawn pictures of them, and when I go back and read those pages again, even years later, the memory of the food, the company, the decor of the restaurant, the mood, the charm (or not) of the waiter and even the weather come flooding back into my mind.

I’ve compiled a few sketches from my travel journals depicting some especially savory or sweet moments. They were often one of the highlights of the trip.

Here’s a crazy dinner I had in Sydney, Australia, a 10-course extravaganza. Obviously, this was before I became vegetarian!

When I went to New Zealand, I had an especially memorable breakfast.

On a trip to Scotland, my whole family fell in love with Sticky Toffee Pudding. Incredible stuff.

I even drew my breakfast on a plane once, on a flight to Zurich. Warm croissants? Hello! Yes, I’ll have another.

In Abu Dhabi, I was so impressed with my fruit plate that I drew it right onto the bill.

But nothing quite compares to the wonders of Florence. The food was so simple and so spectacular, I drew every meal. I won’t bore you with all of the drawings, but boy, did we have fun!

We were puzzled by the bread, which was tasteless. Finally it dawned on us to dip it into everything. Mystery solved!

It’s safe to say that every day was a food fest.

Our favorite restaurant was Trattoria Antico Fattore. We were in Florence during mushroom season, and the porcini salad was beyond delicious. Not to mention the squash blossoms. And the… well, you get the idea.

Our evenings usually ended with a quiet stroll and a stop at a Gelateria as we tried to solve the age-old puzzle: which flavors taste best together? I got a little fixated on the Creme Caramel.

So whenever we take a trip, I always wonder… what will we eat and what will I draw? Such a fun question to answer!