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In January of 2011, I decided to start the year with a sketchbook journal, intending to fill it with a year of drawings. Wouldn’t that be fun? Sure, in theory. Chance of it happening? Yeah, right! Of course, the first order of business was to assemble the tools, because what’s more fun than going to the art store?


What’s better than one set of paints? Two!


Contrary to my sudden fascination with paint, my favorite way to draw is with a black fine tipped pen and Prismacolor colored pencils. Research was required. Because you can never have too many black pens.


Okay, two weeks into the new year, going strong!


Inspiration flowed…


Work got busy, and I forgot all about my sketchbook. Periodically, I’d see it lying out on my desk and think, “Hey, I should get back to that.” Didn’t happen. A new year arrived and in 2012, I started again. One of my last sketches, in April, was inspired by the “What I Wore” trend.


That was the end of my grand drawing plan for 2012. But it’s a new year, and time to give it another go. Hey, why not? Maybe I’ll make it to June this time!

Happy New Year! May all good things come your way.