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There are dog people and there are cat people. But when you ask a dog person why they don’t like cats, most respond with words like “cold” and “unfriendly” and “too independent.” I think the problem isn’t that cats are any of these things, it’s that their faces don’t express emotions in the same way as dogs can. And why is this?

It’s because cats don’t have eyebrows.

Dogs have eyebrows. Even if their fur is all the same color, you can still see their eyebrows. And their eyebrows help make their facial expressions easy to read.


Cats have emotions, too. But without eyebrows to express them, they can seem a little, well, aloof.


Look at the difference a set of eyebrows can make!


So the next time you look at a cat and think you’re being completely ignored, please reconsider. That cat may be thrilled to see you! It’s just hard to tell because of those pesky missing eyebrows.